Lawn Mowing

Remove Any Rocks And Stones Before Lawn Mowing

Why risk ruining your lawn mower due to laziness. If you have rocks or stones you should remove them before you do anything. This should only make sense to everyone. There is another reason as well. Do you know how many people are injured every year because they did not do this and were actually hit by splattered rocks.

Do Not Water Your Grass The Day Before

I know it goes against conventional wisdom to tell anyone not to water their grass but this is the time you want the grass and soil to be dry. Wet soil can cause your lawn to have patches of no grass because your lawn mower sucked up soil as well as the grass you were trying to cut. Add that to the fact that your mower may not have cut any grass at all because it was just to darn slippery.

Help the grass Stand Up If Needed

High winds and foot traffic will often cause grass to lean towards the ground. Did you know that if you take an ordinary house broom and brushed your lawn before mowing that it would help out immensely. What you are actually doing is helping your grass to stand tall. Think about it for a moment. Totally makes sense doesn’t it.

Stop Procrastinating With Lawn Mower Maintenance

Okay, we have all done this one. The lawn mowing is finished and now it’s time to rest or grab that cold beer. Let’s put the lawn mower away and we can clean it up the next time we use it. Admit it, you have done it to. Well the truth is, one of these next times we use it, things will not go so well. Whether the blades become dull or parts become loose and in-effective does not matter. The day will come where your lawn mower just doesn’t operate as it should. Book It!