Low Maintenance Landscape

Avoid High-Maintenance or Problem Plants

Live oak, red maple, butterfly bush Virginia willow, dwarf bamboo, sedum, gardenias, rain lilies – these are some of the hard-to-maintain trees, shrubs, perennials, and ground covers you’ll want avoid. Instead, look for landscape plants that can adapt to extreme temperature; are more tolerant to dry or wet periods; more resistant to fungal problems, disease, and insects; and more adaptive to poor soil conditions.

Consider a Rock Garden

Instead of using greens, why not use grays? A rock garden is an ideal substitute for high-maintenance plants, shrubs, lawns, and even trees. Rock gardens do not require regular trimming, mowing, watering, etc.

Place Plants in Masses

Planting in masses not only assures that the plants grow densely and consistently but also makes mowing and trimming edges easier. These plant groupings can also obscure less-than-lovely fences, views of neighbors, or bins.

Place the Right Size Plants in the Right Places

Tall trees or large plants placed underneath electrical and utility lines, sheds, home windows, and doorway entries often need constant pruning to prevent them from exceeding the desired height and thickness. The problem is, during the planning, this is not thought about because any tree or plant is yet to be seen as a problem. Nonetheless, it is important to know the characteristics of the plants that you are planning to use in your landscape design. Ask the nursery owner for plants that grow within your desired height.

About Table Top Water Fountains

Outdoor table top water fountains are usually small in height. They can measure anywhere from five inches to twenty- four inches, although the average height seems to be somewhere between ten inches to eighteen inches tall.

The uniqueness about outdoor table top fountains is that they can be placed anywhere in your garden or patio. Some of the smaller ones can be placed around flower beds to create an amazing effect of water flowing around the flowers. While, others can be placed on patio tables, counters or wherever there is space for the fountain to draw attention.

Pay attention to the water fountain before the purchase. Some fountains do not have the same safety features of others. Many of the outdoor water fountains have “back doors” for access to the pump, LED lights and other items that may need adjustments. The better quality units have manufacturer’s warranties for up to one year.

Outdoor water fountains are very popular and there are all types and sizes and configurations to choose from. The prices of the fountains vary as much as the different types of fountains. There are some varieties of fountains that are very inexpensive, but not good quality. As always, “buyers beware”.

There are quality outdoor table top water fountains for as little as $50.00 and that can include a manufacturer’s warranty for up to one year. The fountains with warranties can cost into the hundreds of dollars, defined only be the look desired to create. The more elaborate the fountain, the greater the cost.

There are some beautifully painted fountains with all types of adornments; butterflies, bird, gnomes and fairies. Many of the more costly fountains are equipped with LED lights in various places of the waterfall to draw attention to the water as it cascades through the fountain.

Lawn Mowing

Remove Any Rocks And Stones Before Lawn Mowing

Why risk ruining your lawn mower due to laziness. If you have rocks or stones you should remove them before you do anything. This should only make sense to everyone. There is another reason as well. Do you know how many people are injured every year because they did not do this and were actually hit by splattered rocks.

Do Not Water Your Grass The Day Before

I know it goes against conventional wisdom to tell anyone not to water their grass but this is the time you want the grass and soil to be dry. Wet soil can cause your lawn to have patches of no grass because your lawn mower sucked up soil as well as the grass you were trying to cut. Add that to the fact that your mower may not have cut any grass at all because it was just to darn slippery.

Help the grass Stand Up If Needed

High winds and foot traffic will often cause grass to lean towards the ground. Did you know that if you take an ordinary house broom and brushed your lawn before mowing that it would help out immensely. What you are actually doing is helping your grass to stand tall. Think about it for a moment. Totally makes sense doesn’t it.

Stop Procrastinating With Lawn Mower Maintenance

Okay, we have all done this one. The lawn mowing is finished and now it’s time to rest or grab that cold beer. Let’s put the lawn mower away and we can clean it up the next time we use it. Admit it, you have done it to. Well the truth is, one of these next times we use it, things will not go so well. Whether the blades become dull or parts become loose and in-effective does not matter. The day will come where your lawn mower just doesn’t operate as it should. Book It!

Cleaning Artificial Lawn

Conduct Weekly Maintenance

This may be something that you wanted to avoid but we would recommend giving your lawn a light rinse each week to keep the fibres free from dust and any other debris that may have accumulated.

Monthly Maintenance

Conducting a more thorough clean on a monthly basis will help to keep your artificial lawn looking clean, green and inviting. We would suggest using a stiff brush or broom and maybe a flexible lawn rake. Avoid steel bristles as this will damage the surface.

This may need to be conducted more frequently if you have trees nearby that are prone to dropping leaves or if you have pets.

Regular grooming also prevents matting and keeps your lawn’s infill from compacting.

Dealing With Spills

Nearly all modern artificial turf is stain resistant and anything that is dropped can simply be washed away with water. If you are concerned about bacteria, we suggest that you use a half-and-half mix of water and vinegar that can be washed off after with a mild, natural soap – avoid strong chemical based detergents as they may once again cause damage to your surface.

As with spills on carpets, responding quickly is the key to effectively removing any spills. Chewing gum may pose the biggest concern but can be removed easier if it is chilled, so consider using ice cubes to do this.

Stains and Burns

Burns and stains can be repaired but prevention is far better than cure. We recommend that you encourage smokers to avoid smoking on your lawn, likewise, don’t repair vehicles on the turf or as we discussed early use strong chemicals. Oil is one of the few substances that may stain your artificial grass so always bear this in mind when using it.


Taking care of your turf on a regular basis will mean that it will keep its fantastic appearance for years to come. Performing simple tasks on a regular basis will save you from needing to carry out more drastic work in the future.